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HangZhou CHINAMFG Electronics Co., Ltd. is a B2B and B2C online shopping mall specializing in the industrial control electrical and electronic components industray.
In order to facilitate buyers to be able to purchase globally
We are not only an industrial control electrical and electronic retailer, but also a wholesale company. We do not have a complete list of our online stores.
If you need to purchase in bulk, please contact us for a better quote.
We hope to win your trust through reliable and competitive services.
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HangZhou CHINAMFG Electronics Co., Ltd. is a B2B and B2C online shopping mall specializing in the industrial control electrical and electronic components industry.
In order to facilitate buyers to be able to purchase globally
We are not only an industrial control electrical and electronic retailer, but also a wholesale company. We do not have a complete list of our online stores.
If you need to purchase in bulk, please contact us for a better quote.
We hope to win your trust through reliable and competitive services.
Our aim is customer satisfaction is our biggest aim !!!!

HangZhou CHINAMFG Electronics Co., Ltd. is a B2B and B2C online shopping mall specializing in the industrial control electrical and electronic components industry.
In order to facilitate buyers to be able to purchase globally
We are not only an industrial control electrical and electronic retailer, but also a wholesale company. We do not have a complete list of our online stores.
If you need to purchase in bulk, please contact us for a better quote.
We hope to win your trust through reliable and competitive services.
Our aim is customer satisfaction is our biggest aim !!!!

6ES7953-8LG11-0AA0 6ES7193-4CA50-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LKH E2E-X4MD1 2M
6ES7953-8LG20-0AA0 6ES7193-4CK30-0AA0 D4V-8104SZ-N E2E-X14MD1 2M
6ES7953-8LG30-0AA0 6ES7193-4JA00-0AA0 D4V-8104Z-N E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M
6ES7953-8LG31-0AA0 6ES7193-4JA00-0AA0 D4V-8107Z-N BY OMR E2E-C04S12-WC-C1 2M
6ES7953-8LF11-0AA0 6ES7193-4DL00-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ E2E-C04S12-WC-B1-2 2M
6ES7953-8LF20-0AA0 6ES7193-4DL10-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ-N E2E-S05S12-WC-C1 2M
6ES7953-8LF30-0AA0 6ES7193-4DE10-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ-N E2E-S05S12-WC-B1 2M
6ES7953-8LF31-0AA0 6ES7193-4CE00-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ-N BY OMR E2E-S05S12-WC-C1-2 2M
6ES7953-8LL20-0AA0 6ES7193-4CE10-0AA0 D4V-8108Z-N E2E-C03SR8-WC-C1 2M
6ES7953-8LL31-0AA0 6ES7195-7HD80-0XA0 D4V-8108Z-N BY OMR E2B-M12KS04-WP-B1
  6ES7195-7HB00-0XA0 D4V-8111Z BY OMR E2B-M12KS04-WP-B2
6ES7131-4BF00-0AA0   D4V-8112Z E2B-M12KS04-WP-C1
6ES7134-4MB02-0AB0 6ES7131-4BF00   E2B-M12KS04-WP-C2
6ES7134-4GD00-0AB0 6ES7132-4BF00 E2B-M12LS04-M1-B1 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-B1 OMS
6ES7135-4GB01-0AB0 6ES7134-4GB01 E2B-M12LS04-M1-B2 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-B2 OMS
6ES7135-4LB02-0AB0 6ES7134-4GB11 E2B-M12LS04-M1-C1 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-C1 OMS
6ES7138-4DF01-0AB0 6ES7134-4GD00 E2B-M12LS04-M1-C1 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-C2 OMS
6ES7138-4DF11-0AB0 6ES7135-4GB01 E2B-S08KN04-WP-B1 2M OMS E2B-S08KN04-MC-B1 OMS
6ES7138-4CA01-0AB0 6ES7135-4LB02 E2B-S08KN04-WP-B2 2M OMS E2B-S08KN04-MC-B2 OMS
6ES7138-4DA04-0AB0 6ES7138-4DA04 E2B-S08KN04-WP-C1 2M OMS E2B-M12LN05-M1-C1 OMS
6ES7138-4CF03-0AB0 6ES7138-4CA01 E2B-S08KN04-WP-C2 2M OMS E2B-M12LN05-M1-C2 OMS
6ES7151-3AA23-0AB0 6ES7151-3AA23 E2B-M12KN05-M1-B1 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-B1 OMS
6ES7972-0BA52-0XA0 6ES7151-1AA06 E2B-M12KN05-M1-B2 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-B2 OMS
6ES7972-0BA12-0XA0 6ES7138-4DF11 E2B-M12KN05-M1-C1 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-C1 OMS
6ES7193-4GD20-0AA0 6ES7151-1BA02 E2B-M12KN05-M1-C2 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-C2 OMS
6ES7134-4MB02-0AB0   E2B-S08KN02-MC-B1 OMS E2B-S08KN02-WP-B1 2M OMS
  6ES7151-3BA23-0AB0 E2B-S08KN02-MC-B2 OMS E2B-S08KN02-WP-C1 2M OMS
6SL3120-1TE23-0AC0 6SL3120-2TE13-0AD0 E2B-S08KN02-MC-C1 OMS E2B-S08LN04-MC-B1 OMS
    E2B-S08KN02-MC-C2 OMS E2B-S08LN04-MC-B2 OMS
GP2501-TC11 3G3JZ-A4015 D2F-F-D CJ1W-ID261
GP2501-TC41-24V 3G3JZ-A4571 D2F-L CJ1W-ID262
GP2400-TC41-24V 3G3JZ-A4037 D2FW-G271M(D) CJ1W-MD231
GP2401-TC41-24V 3G3JZ-AB004 D2FW-G273M CJ1W-MD233
GP2300-LG41-24V 3G3JZ-AB007 D2HW-A201D CJ1W-MD261
GP2301-LG41-24V 3G3JZ-AB007 D2MQ-1 CJ1W-MD263
GP2300-SC41-24V 3G3JZ-AB015 D2MV-01L22-1C3 CJ1W-MD563
GP2301-SC41-24V 3G3JZ-AB015 D2VW-5-1M(D)(CHN) CJ1W-OA201
GP2300-TC41-24V 3G3MX2-A4007-ZV1 D2VW-5L2-1M(CHN) CJ1W-OC201
GP2301-TC41-24V 3G3MX2-A4110-ZV1 D2VW-5L2-1M(D) CJ1W-OC211
  3G3MX2-A4150-ZV1 D2X-C CJ1W-OD201
GP4301TAD 3G3MZ-AB015 D3M-01L2 CJ1W-OD211
GP4301TADW 3M6006 D3V-16-3C25 BY OMI CJ1W-OD212
GP4201TAD 3TB4322-0XB0 D40A-1C015-F CJ1W-OD231
GP4401TAD 3Z4S-LE SV-1214V D4A-3101N CJ1W-OD233
GP4401TADW   D4A-4501N CJ1W-OD261
GM4301TAD 6571-1030 VS64-CBL-03M D4A-4501N CJ1W-OD262
GM4201TAD 61F-G 110/220VAC C D4A-A00 CJ1W-OD263
GP4501TAD 61F-G1N AC110/220 D4A-C00 CJ1W-IC101
GP4501TAA 61F-G3N AC110/220 D4A-C00 CJ1W-II101
GP4501TADW 61F-GP-N AC100 D4B-2A15N CJ1W-TER01
GP4601TAA 61F-GP-N AC220 D4C-1202 CJ1W-B7A22
GP4601TAD 61F-GP-N AC220 D4C-1202 CJ1W-INT01
GP4501TMA 61F-IN AC110/220 D4C-1224 CJ1W-IDP01
GP4601TMA 6ES7-216-2BD23-0XB0 D4C-1302 CJ1W-CLK23
GP4501TMD 8PFA D4C-1402 CJ1W-CRM21
GP4601TMD A165-JRM-1 D4C-1602 CJ1W-DRM21
  A-20GV2-B D4C-3202 CJ1W-EIP21
NS5-SQ00B-V2 A22-01 D4C-4332 CJ1W-ETN21
NS5-TQ11B-V2 A22E-M-12 D4C-6224 CJ1W-ETN11
NS5-SQ11B-V2 A22Z-EG1 D4CC-3060 CJ1W-CLK21-V1
NS5-SQ10B-V2 AP-Z D4CC-4571 CJ1W-SCU21-V1
NS5-SQ10B-ECV2 B7AS-T6B6 D4CC-4060 CJ1W-SCU31-V1
NS8-TV00B-V2 B7A-T6A1 D4DS-K1 CJ1W-SRM21
NS8-TV01B-V2 BS-1 D4DS-K2 CJ2M-MD211
NS10-TV00B-V2 BS-1 D4DS-K2 CJ2M-CPU11
NS10-TV01B-V2   D4DS-K3 CJ2M-CPU13
NS12-TS01B-V2 C500-CE403 D4DS-K3 CJ2M-CPU14
NS12-TS01-V2 C500-CE404 D4DS-K3 CJ2M-CPU15
NS12-TS00B-V2 C500-CE404 D4DS-K5 CJ2M-CPU31
NS12-TS00-V2 C500-CE404 D4DS-K5 CJ2M-CPU32
6ES7331-7HF01-0AB0 CDHD-N1KW D4E-1A20N CJ2M-CPU34
6ES7331-7KB02-0AB0   D4E-1A20N CJ2M-CPU35
6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 CMT3155X D4E-2C10N CJ1W-PA202
6ES7331-7PF01-0AB0 CP1EB-CPURM01 D4GL-1AFA-A CJ1W-PA205R
6ES7331-7PF11-0AB0 CP1E-E20SDR-A D4GS-NK1 CJ1W-PD571
6ES7331-7NF00-0AB0 CP1E-E30SDR-A D4JL-2NFA-C5 CJ1W-PD571
6ES7331-7SF00-0AB0 CP1E-E40SDR-A D4JL-2NFG-C5 CJ1W-PA205C
6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 CP1E-E60DR-A D4JL-2RFA-C6 CJ1M-CPU11
6ES7331-1KF02-0AB0 CP1E-E60SDR-A D4JL-4QFA-C6 CJ1M-CPU12
6ES7332-7ND02-0AB0 CP1E-N14DT1-A D4JL-K2 CJ1M-CPU21
6ES7332-5HB01-0AB0 CP1E-N14DT-D D4JL-K3 CJ1M-CPU22
6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0 CP1E-N20DR-A D4MC-2000 CJ1M-CPU23
6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0 CP1E-N20DT-A D4MC-2000 CJ1W-AD041-V1
  CP1E-N20DT-D D4MC-2571 CJ1W-AD04U
6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0 CP1E-N30DR-A D4MC-5000 CJ1W-AD081-V1
6ES7153-2BA02-0XB0 CP1E-N30DR-D -CH D4MC-5571-N BY OMR CJ1W-DA571
6ES7153-2BA10-0XB0 CP1E-N30DT-A D4MC-5040-N CJ1W-DA041
6ES7334-0CE01-0AA0 CP1E-N30SDT-D D4N-2120 CJ1W-DA08C
6ES7334-0KE00-0AB0 CP1E-N40DR-A D4N-2122 CJ1W-DA08V
6ES7335-7HG02-0AB0 CP1E-N40DT1-A D4N-212G CJ1W-MAD42
6ES7338-4BC01-0AB0 CP1E-N40DT-A D4N-212G CJ1W-PTS15
6ES7350-1AH03-0AE0 CP1E-N40SDR-A D4N-212G CJ1W-PTS16
  CP1E-N60DR-D D4N-212H CJ1W-PTS51
6ES7307-1BA01-0AA0 CP1E-N60DT1-D D4N-2A2GR CJ1W-PTS52
6ES7307-1EA01-0AA0 CP1E-N60DT-A D4N-412G CJ1W-PH41U
6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0 CP1E-N60DT-D D4N-8B32 cj1W-NC113
  CP1H-EX40DT-D D4NA-412G cj1W-NC133
6ES7315-2AG10 CP1H-EX40DT-D D4NA-412G cj1W-NC213
6ES7315-2AH14-0AB0 CP1H-EX40DT-D D4NA-4131 cj1W-NC233
6ES7315-2EH14-0AB0 CP1H-X40DR-A D4NL-1DFA-B cj1W-NC413
6GK7343-1CX10-0XE0 CP1H-X40DR-A D4NL-1DFA-BS cj1W-NC433
6GK7343-1EX30-0XE0 CP1H-X40DR-A D4NL-1FFA-B4S CJ1W-TC001
374-2XH01-0AA0 CP1H-X40DT-D D4NL-4DFA-BS CJ1W-TC004
6ES7313-6CF03-0AB0 CP1H-X40DT-D D4NS-1AF CJ1W-TC101
6ES7314-1AG140AB0 CP1H-X40DT-D-SC D4NS-1AF CJ1W-CT571
6ES7317-2EK14-0AB0 CP1H-X40DT-D-SC D4NS-1AF  
  CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1AF E2E-X2E1 2M
6ES7151-1AA02-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1BF E2E-X2F1 2M
6ES7151-1AA04-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1BF E2E-X2ME1 2M
6ES7151-1AA05-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1CF E2E-X2D1-N 2M
6ES7151-1AA06-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1CF E2E-X2D2-N 2M
6ES7151-1AB02-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1CF E2E-X2D1-U-Z 2M BY OMS
6ES7151-1AB05-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT1-D D4NS-1CF E2E-X20MD1 2M OMS
6ES7151-3BA23-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT-D D4NS-1CF E2E-X3D1-N 2M
6ES7151-3AA23-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT-D D4NS-2BF E2E-X3D2-N 2M
6ES7151-1BA02-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT-D D4NS-4AF E2E-X3D1-M1G
6ES7151-1CA00-0AB0 CP1H-Y20DT-D D4NS-4BF E2E-X5E1 2M
6ES7151-1CA00-1BL0   D4NS-4CF E2E-X5E2 2M
6ES7151-1CA00-3BL0 TM-E15S26-A1 D4NS-4CF E2E-X5MF1 5M
6ES7151-8AB00-0AB0 6ES7193-4CA20-0AA0 D4NS-4DF E2E-X1R5E1 2M
6ES7151-8AB01-0AB0 6ES7193-4CB20-0AA0 D4SL-CN3 E2E-X1R5E2 2M
6ES7151-8FB00-0AB0 6ES7193-4CC20-0AA0 D4SL-N2FFA-D E2E-X5ME1 2M
6ES7151-8FB01-0AB0 6ES7193-4CD20-0AA0 D4SL-N2GFG-D E2E-X5ME2 2M
6ES7151-7AA11-0AB0 6ES7193-4CG20-0AA0 D4SL-N2HFA-D E2E-X7D1-N 2M
6ES7151-7AA13-0AB0 6ES7193-4CA30-0AA0 D4SL-N2VFA E2E-X7D1-N 5M
6ES7151-7AA20-0AB0 6ES7193-4CB30-0AA0 D4SL-N4RFG-D E2E-X7D2-N 5M
6ES7151-7AA21-0AB0 6ES7193-4CC30-0AA0 D4SL-NK1S E2E-X8MD1 2M
6ES7151-7FA21-0AB0 6ES7193-4CD30-0AA0 D4SL-NK2 E2E-X18ME1 2M
6ES7151-3BA60-0AB0 6ES7193-4CG30-0AA0 D4SL-NK2 E2EM-X8C1 2M
  6ES7193-4CA40-0AA0 D4SL-NK3 E2E-X10E1 2M
6ES7953-8LJ20-0AA0 6ES7193-4CF40-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LK E2E-X10ME1 2M
6ES7953-8LJ30-0AA0 6ES7193-4CF50-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LK E2E-X10MF1 2M
6ES7953-8LJ31-0AA0 6ES7193-4CB00-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LKH E2E-X10D1-N 5M
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Application: Industrial
Speed: Constant Speed
Number of Stator: Single-Phase
Function: Control
Casing Protection: Open Type
Number of Poles: 6
US$ 450/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




servo motor

What maintenance practices are recommended for ensuring the longevity of servo motors?

Maintaining servo motors properly is crucial to ensure their longevity and reliable performance. Here are some recommended maintenance practices:

1. Regular Cleaning:

Regularly clean the servo motor to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants that can affect its performance. Use a soft brush or compressed air to clean the motor’s exterior and ventilation ports. Avoid using excessive force or liquid cleaners that could damage the motor.

2. Lubrication:

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication intervals and use the appropriate lubricant for the motor. Lubricate the motor’s bearings, gears, and other moving parts as per the specified schedule. Proper lubrication reduces friction, minimizes wear, and helps maintain optimal performance.

3. Inspections:

Regularly inspect the servo motor for signs of wear, damage, or loose connections. Check for any unusual noises, vibrations, or overheating during operation, as these can indicate potential issues. If any abnormalities are detected, consult the manufacturer’s documentation or seek professional assistance for further evaluation and repair.

4. Electrical Connections:

Ensure that all electrical connections to the servo motor, such as power cables and signal wires, are secure and properly insulated. Loose or damaged connections can lead to electrical problems, voltage fluctuations, or signal interference, which can affect the motor’s performance and longevity.

5. Environmental Considerations:

Take into account the operating environment of the servo motor. Ensure that the motor is protected from excessive moisture, dust, extreme temperatures, and corrosive substances. If necessary, use appropriate enclosures or protective measures to safeguard the motor from adverse environmental conditions.

6. Software and Firmware Updates:

Stay updated with the latest software and firmware releases provided by the servo motor manufacturer. These updates often include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features that can improve the motor’s functionality and reliability. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safely updating the motor’s software or firmware.

7. Training and Documentation:

Ensure that personnel responsible for the maintenance of servo motors are properly trained and familiar with the manufacturer’s guidelines and documentation. This includes understanding recommended maintenance procedures, safety precautions, and troubleshooting techniques. Regular training and access to up-to-date documentation are essential for effective servo motor maintenance.

8. Professional Servicing:

If a servo motor requires complex repairs or servicing beyond regular maintenance, it is advisable to consult a qualified technician or contact the manufacturer’s service center. Attempting to repair or modify the motor without proper expertise can lead to further damage or safety hazards.

By following these maintenance practices, servo motors can operate optimally and have an extended lifespan. Regular cleaning, lubrication, inspections, secure electrical connections, environmental considerations, software updates, training, and professional servicing all contribute to ensuring the longevity and reliable performance of servo motors.

servo motor

Are there different types of servo motors, and how do they differ?

Yes, there are different types of servo motors available, each with its own characteristics and applications. The variations among servo motors can be attributed to factors such as construction, control mechanisms, power requirements, and performance specifications. Let’s explore some of the common types of servo motors and how they differ:

1. DC Servo Motors:

DC servo motors are widely used in various applications. They consist of a DC motor combined with a feedback control system. The control system typically includes a position or velocity feedback sensor, such as an encoder or a resolver. DC servo motors offer good speed and torque control and are often employed in robotics, automation, and hobbyist projects. They can be operated with a separate motor driver or integrated into servo motor units with built-in control electronics.

2. AC Servo Motors:

AC servo motors are designed for high-performance applications that require precise control and fast response times. They are typically three-phase motors and are driven by sinusoidal AC waveforms. AC servo motors often incorporate advanced control algorithms and feedback systems to achieve accurate position, velocity, and torque control. These motors are commonly used in industrial automation, CNC machines, robotics, and other applications that demand high precision and dynamic performance.

3. Brushed Servo Motors:

Brushed servo motors feature a traditional brushed DC motor design. They consist of a rotor with a commutator and carbon brushes that make physical contact with the commutator. The brushes provide electrical connections, allowing the motor’s magnetic field to interact with the rotor’s windings. Brushed servo motors are known for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. However, they may require more maintenance due to brush wear, and they generally have lower efficiency and shorter lifespan compared to brushless servo motors.

4. Brushless Servo Motors:

Brushless servo motors, also known as brushless DC (BLDC) motors, offer several advantages over brushed motors. They eliminate the need for brushes and commutators, resulting in improved reliability, higher efficiency, and longer lifespan. Brushless servo motors rely on electronic commutation, typically using Hall effect sensors or encoder feedback for accurate rotor position detection. These motors are widely used in robotics, industrial automation, aerospace, and other applications that require high-performance motion control with minimal maintenance.

5. Linear Servo Motors:

Linear servo motors are designed to provide linear motion instead of rotational motion. They consist of a primary part (stator) and a secondary part (slider or forcer) that interact magnetically to generate linear motion. Linear servo motors offer advantages such as high speed, high acceleration, and precise positioning along a linear axis. They find applications in various industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, printing, and machine tools.

6. Micro Servo Motors:

Micro servo motors are small-sized servo motors often used in applications with limited space and low power requirements. They are commonly found in hobbyist projects, model airplanes, remote-controlled vehicles, and small robotic systems. Micro servo motors are lightweight, compact, and offer reasonable precision and control for their size.

These are some of the different types of servo motors available, each catering to specific applications and requirements. The choice of servo motor type depends on factors such as the desired performance, accuracy, power requirements, environmental conditions, and cost considerations. Understanding the differences between servo motor types is essential for selecting the most suitable motor for a particular application.

servo motor

What is a servo motor, and how does it function in automation systems?

A servo motor is a type of motor specifically designed for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity, and acceleration. It is widely used in various automation systems where accurate motion control is required. Let’s explore the concept of servo motors and how they function in automation systems:

A servo motor consists of a motor, a position feedback device (such as an encoder or resolver), and a control system. The control system receives input signals, typically in the form of electrical pulses or analog signals, indicating the desired position or speed. Based on these signals and the feedback from the position sensor, the control system adjusts the motor’s operation to achieve the desired motion.

The functioning of a servo motor in an automation system involves the following steps:

  1. Signal Input: The automation system provides a control signal to the servo motor, indicating the desired position, speed, or other motion parameters. This signal can be generated by a human operator, a computer, a programmable logic controller (PLC), or other control devices.
  2. Feedback System: The servo motor incorporates a position feedback device, such as an encoder or resolver, which continuously monitors the motor’s actual position. This feedback information is sent back to the control system, allowing it to compare the actual position with the desired position specified by the input signal.
  3. Control System: The control system, typically housed within the servo motor or an external servo drive, receives the input signal and the feedback from the position sensor. It processes this information and generates the appropriate control signals to the motor.
  4. Motor Operation: Based on the control signals received from the control system, the servo motor adjusts its operation to achieve the desired motion. The control system varies the motor’s voltage, current, or frequency to control the motor’s speed, torque, or position accurately.
  5. Closed-Loop Control: Servo motors operate in a closed-loop control system. The feedback information from the position sensor allows the control system to continuously monitor and adjust the motor’s operation to minimize any deviation between the desired position and the actual position. This closed-loop control mechanism provides high accuracy, repeatability, and responsiveness in motion control applications.

One of the key advantages of servo motors in automation systems is their ability to provide precise and dynamic motion control. They can rapidly accelerate, decelerate, and change direction with high accuracy, allowing for intricate and complex movements. Servo motors are widely used in applications such as robotics, CNC machines, printing presses, packaging equipment, and automated manufacturing systems.

In summary, a servo motor is a specialized motor that enables accurate control of position, velocity, and acceleration in automation systems. Through the combination of a control system and a position feedback device, servo motors can precisely adjust their operation to achieve the desired motion. Their closed-loop control mechanism and high responsiveness make them an essential component in various applications requiring precise and dynamic motion control.

China Hot selling One CHINAMFG 1FL6022-2af21-1AG1 Servo Motor PLC Module   vacuum pump electricChina Hot selling One CHINAMFG 1FL6022-2af21-1AG1 Servo Motor PLC Module   vacuum pump electric
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